Caucus Goals

The following are the goals of the GSD Caucus through LPKY State Convention 2018:

  • Vote for effective leadership and clean up party constitution at the 2017 convention
    • Elect our endorsed candidates.
    • Support formalizing procedures and removing any questions about duties and roles.
  • Significantly increased communication with membership
    • Holding monthly state party meetings to discuss goings-on around the state
    • Increase transparency by creating a "membership listen-in" mechanism
  • Reach out to every registered Libertarian voter in Kentucky
    • Find new Voting Members
    • Find new Party Leaders and start county parties in as many counties as possible
    • Find candidates for the 2150+ partisan elections in KY in 2018
  • Update all existing and implement new technical resources
    • Use free website and email services from LP National to reduce burden on state party
  • Prepare for the first Libertarian Party primary in KY with ballot access
    • Finalize all rules for candidate selection process
    • Finalize logistics of local, county and state primary elections.
    • Ensure candidate selection process is open to all Kentuckians registered to vote as a Libertarian
  • Plan and hold state convention in March of 2018, to return to regular schedule of conventions.
    • State Convention location to be announced and properly noticed by December 31st 2017