GSD Philosophy of Party Governance

GSD is setting goals and working to promote strong, long-term growth for LPKY by operating more efficiently.

Political Party

GSD believes that LPKY should act and function as a political party, not a social club. The LPKY's primary function should be to run candidates, chosen by registered Libertarian voters, for political office. The party's role is to provide a fair means for these candidates to be nominated, and to support those candidates to the best extent possible given party resources.

Social events can be hosted by the party, as a means of promoting candidates or growing membership in the party. Social events are good for team building and for helping to keep different philosophical factions from growing too far apart from one another. Any social events should be part of a greater overall strategy to elect Libertarians to partisan office.

Proper Leadership

To be effective as a party, those elected to leadership must recognize that the party is about more than themselves as individuals, and that the party must act on behalf of all members, and not just the personal grinds of its leadership. When a party leader speaks - especially the chair - they are speaking for everyone in the party, not just themselves. This is the primary burden of leadership.

There must be effective communication throughout the party to promote common goals, and to encourage the creation and achievement of consensus-based goals. State Party Leadership should taking deliberate action to help affiliate parties set and meet goals to grow. The dissemination of information among the different parts of the party, sharing techniques for success, and fostering an environment of a helping hand. This can include providing services and materials for outreach, calls to action to engage volunteers, etc.

Engaged Membership

Those who aren't in leadership are still absolutely critical to our success, and should be encouraged to participate and help where and how possible. Time and financial support are critical to the success of any volunteer organization. There should be active outreach to engaged current and future membership in the party. Today's basic members are tomorrow's outstanding leaders.